Top Hindi and Eglish IPL 2021 Commentators

There is a list of top Hindi and Eglish IPL Commentators 2021 with a small bio and details of career.

Just like the cricketers, commentators are an important part of the Indian premier league. With their experience, as these commentators are all former cricketers, they comment on the play of cricketers explaining their shortcomings or applaud their victory.

As another IPL season is just around the corner, everyone is waiting to hear the enthusiastic voices of these commentators. These commentators help the audience understand better all the shots and shortcomings of a player. Let’s see the top commentators of IPL

1. Sunil Gavaskar

Top Hindi and Eglish IPL 2021 Commentators

Sunil Gavaskar completes 50 years as a commentator. He is also veteran cricketer who has scored more than 10,000 runs in test cricket and more than 34 centuries in ODIs format.

Sunil left the cricket world and started as a commentaterbin the year 1999. He is known for aggressive style in the cricket field as well behind the scenes. 

2. Brett Lee

Top Hindi and Eglish IPL 2021 Commentators

These fast bowlers from Australia who cleaned the top batsman played all formats of cricket. Brett Lee is fondly called Binga. Lee last match in the world cup 2003 and won this match. But later refused to sign the cricket contract and play again. He hung his boots from the test format in the year 1999 and left the cricket career completely in 2012. 

In the year 2015 he left playing IPL matches because he got the job as an actor as well as a commentator. 

3. Isa Tara Guha 

Top Hindi and Eglish IPL 2021 Commentators

She is an English commentator,radio jockey and a former cricket player herself. Her team won the 2005 world Cup and even today she remembers that historical day as her career highlight.

Guha is right arm medium fast bowler of England. She has won many accolades and rewards for her heartful contribution to the cricket world. She loves writing and speaking hence she started writing for BBC network. And her commentary career started as a co- commentator for ITV4 a sports channel. After doing the job for many platforms and sports series she finally started working for FOX Cricket.  In the year 2019 she started anchoring and commentary for Indian premier league.

4. Ramiz Raja

Top Hindi and Eglish IPL 2021 Commentators

Ramiz was born and brought up in Pakistan. He is also a Youtuber and former cricketer of Pakistan ( sometimes he led to cricket team).

On his YouTube channel named Ramiz Speaks, he often reminisces about his cricket days. Ramiz started his cricket commentary on Test specials and sky sports. 

Raja is also a board member of Pakistan cricket association and loves to express his views.  He resigned from this job to continue working with cricket teams as a commentator.

5. Sanjay Manjrekar

Top Hindi and Eglish IPL 2021 Commentators

Sanjay is a great former cricketer who has played and led his domestic and international team both towards victory. 

He is now a commentator in Indian premier league, who has been a centre of many criticisms. His remarks on cricketers have many times backfired, like in 2017, he called Pollard “brainless”, who in turn used Twitter to express his anger. During the 2019 cricket world cup, he called Jadeja a “Bits and Pieces” player. Jadeja performed exceptionally in the rest of the matches that led to Manjrekar’s criticism. 

6. Danny Morrison

Top Hindi and Eglish IPL 2021 Commentators

Danny is a former New Zealand cricketer who is now a commentator. He made his debut in the world of cricket at the age of 21. Morrison is also an avid writer and explained his struggles as a cricketer in his autobiography “Mad as I wanna be”.

He has also been an amazing host for Sky Sports show ” Cricket Company” for almost seven years. Danny is a super entertaining commentator, he once danced Haka Dance with Navjot Singh Sidhu.

7. Harsha Bhogle

Top Hindi and Eglish IPL 2021 Commentators

Harsha is an Indian cricket commentator and journalist, who is a renowned celebrity of cricket broadcasting system. He started commentating at the age of 19 and is the first Indian commentator to be called by Australian broadcasting corporation. 

Bhogle has been hosting Indian premier league since 2009 and was dropped in 2016, due to criticism. He has hosted many shows such as Harsha online, Harsha Unplugged, School Quiz Olympiad for ESPN and Star Sports.

8. Akash Chopra

Top Hindi and Eglish IPL 2021 Commentators

Akash is a former cricketer who used to play for Indian team in 2003s and 2004s. He started his career as a commentator in 2020 for the mobile cricket game World Cricket Championship. 

Chopra is an avid writer, his columns regularly appear in Mid-Day and Cricinfo. He published his book Beyond the Blues: A First-Class Season Like No Other in 2009, to describe his domestic cricket career. Akash was the first commentator to sign with a digital game platform.

9. Deep Dasgupta 

Top Hindi and Eglish IPL 2021 Commentators

Deep started his career as an opening batsman and wicket-keeper. He has till now played 8 tests and 5 ODIs, and a number of matches in domestic cricket. 

After retiring from the cricket career, he is a common commentator in the Indian premier league. He was a commentator for ICC World Twenty20 in 2016. A well-known commentator in both languages Hindi as well as English. 

10. Kevin Pietersen

Top Hindi and Eglish IPL 2021 Commentators

Kevin is a former England player and commentator, who has played in all formats for England that includes a small tenure as a captain. 

He has been an enthusiastic voice liked by many in the Indian Premier League. In 2020, he left the panel due to some personal issues. He was an occasional off-spin bowler and a right-handed batsman for England.

This is the short and brief information about top IPL Commentators, here you can also read about IPL Top Male And Female Anchors in 2021.

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