Who is Manasseh Samone? Returning for The Voice’ 23 Season

Manasseh Samone is an acclaimed American singer and songwriter, particularly known for her performances on The Voice for two seasons. Unfortunately, she failed to turn a chair in 2022 but is set to compete again in the new season.

Before The Voice

Growing up, Manasseh Samone – a Dallas native – experienced chronic insecurity due to the absence of her father. These feelings of acceptance-seeking led her to find refuge in music, which was her only escape.

Besides music, she is also a preschool teacher. Her ambition as an educator is to impart confidence to her pupils; something she herself struggled with during her childhood because her father was absent from her life.

The Life Changing Moment: The Voice 22

Manasseh auditioned for Season 22 at the age of 22, singing Lauren Daigel’s “Rescue,” unfortunately, she did not turn a chair. However, she was praised by the judges. Gwen Stefani commended her on her “beautiful” vocal acrobatics, Camila Cabello recognized her as a “really, really gifted singer,” John Legend said her vibrato needed polishing and Blake Shelton wished for her toreturn. Taking these words to heart, Manasseh quickly plotted her return.

Manasseh shared on social media about the struggles she faced and how it was “the darkest time of [her] life”. She continued by saying that everyone ignored her, but she still continued singing praises to God. If she is able to get some chairs turned at the audition she will know that these hardships weren’t all for nothing. Manasseh acknowledged that she thanks God for His strength, as she doesn’t know where her mind would be without Him.

The Next Chance: The Voice 23

Manasseh made a triumphant return to The Voice 23 season. She performed on Andra Day’s “Rise Up” during The Voice Blind Auditions and got a chair turn from Chance the Rapper.