Who is Annabella Didion? The Actress Played Dana in True Lies

Annabella Didion is an American actress. She is best known for playing character of Dana in CBS’s TV series True Lies. She has also played lead role in various series such as Outer Banks, To Catch a Killer, Dead Silent and Swamp Murders.

Birth & Family

Annabella Didion was born on January 10, 1998 in Lake County, Florida. She currently is 25 years old. She has an elder brother named Eric Didion.

Annabella Didion with Brother
Annabella Didion with Brother


Anna has a strong foundation in theater performance; she earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Florida and added to her education by attending Barry College. She furthered her theatrical skills at Stella Adler Studio and later deepened her training with Rus Blackwell.

Movies & TV shows

Annabella Didion began her career in 2015 with a role on the television series Swamp Murders as Lisa Redstone. Afterward, she started making waves in the crime genre with a role in the series To Catch a Killer, which aired on ID. Annabella then followed up with smaller roles in the short films Teen Night (2018), Alice (2020), and Monkey Bars (2021).

However, it was not until 2021 that Annabella achieved fame through her role as Peyton in the popular Netflix series Outer Banks. The show stars Chase Stokes, Madelyn Cline, and Madison Bailey in the main cast.

In 2023, Annabella was featured as the main character Dana in True Lies (2023).

Aside from television series, Annabella has also appeared in many films like Beast Beast (2020) and Dog Gone (2023).

Personal Life

Annabella lives in Los Angeles. She is currently in relationship with Yanni. The actress prefers to remain tight-lipped about her personal life and does not provide many details to the public.

Annabella Didion with Boyfriend
Annabella with Yanni


Annabella is an enthusiast of both the physical and mental. She enjoys reading in her free time, and also takes up photography to capture moments that are too beautiful to forget. Her inquisitive mind allows her to explore new topics through learning, and broadens her horizons through traveling.

Surfing the internet has also become a necessity for her as she finds it entertaining and informative. Pursuing extreme sports such as scuba diving and gymnastics add a thrilling and unique experience to her leisure.